Talal Mohammad

I am focused and determined to improve the lives of students at NTNU. This past year, I have helped do this by being a representative on the student parliament. I am grateful for the opportunity I was given and the experience which I gained, and I would like to further utilize it by running again. In addition, I am working on student welfare through the student welfare council and am involved extensively in student life and volunteering through several student organizations. It is part of my core mission to make sure that every student’s voice is heard. As an international student who is involved heavily in the student community, I will serve as a link to underrepresented communities within the student politics. If you vote for me, I am confident that your vote will be in good hands. I have experience with mentoring, student politics, volunteering and in leadership. I will work hard to build as strong of a community as possible, and to make sure that our futures are in good hands!