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Hi, my name is Andreas and I’m running for the NTNU board of directors. I am currently a member of the Student Parliament and a student trustee at the faculty of engineering. I’ve previously been a trustee at department-level, leader of a student guild and the founder of Smørekoppen’s Charity Committee. In other words, I’ve been lucky to spend a great deal of my years as a student working for my fellow students, and this is something I want to be able to continue doing.

This is a role I will enter with great motivation. I apply for this position, because it’s incredibly exciting to be able to influence and manage NTNU from the highest level, and because I know I can do a good job. With my broad experience from student volunteerism and the student democracy, I think I have what it takes, both in terms of skills and knowledge of the NTNU system. I am able to do time-consuming casework and see issues in an overarching context. In discussions I am factual and give my fellows trust and the benefit of the doubt. Still, I’m able to work through tough discussions and give criticism where necessary.

I will not be the one to set the agenda, but rather my job will be to ensure that the interests of the student body are safeguarded in the matters presented to the board. Still, I will try to pinpoint the things that are and have been important to me during my time in the Student Democracy.

Andreas Knudsen Sund

Age: 23
Studies: Product development and production (Masters), 4th year

NTNU should strive for better quality of education, and faster quality assurance processes. The reference group system should be restructured such that it encompasses exams. Evening lectures must be avoided, and better scheduling and alternative teaching methods are tools to ensure this. Lecturers with poor teaching ability who spend little time on education is a persistent problem. It generally takes too much time from the student pointing out a problem until it’s fixed. Student-university cooperation is also very important, all the way from the reference groups, to the trustees, to the student parliament and to the board of directors. We have a attitude problem among some employees, and a lot of the problems at NTNU would not exist if everyone took input from the students to heart.

I think the way NTNU at times has handled the fusion process of the last few years is unsatisfactory. They have not listened to input from the students, and have not held a realistic view of the capacity at Gløshaugen and other campuses. Weak information flow, uncertainty and lost identity areas have been commonplace. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we learn from this and do a better job in the next step of the campus project.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic we have difficult and uncertain times ahead, both as a university and as a society. Therefore, it is paramount that there is strong leadership going forward. Decisions and solutions have to be made that minimize the negative effects this has on the student mass. I think that crises also create potential for growth — when this is over it’s important that we don’t return to the status quo, but use the opportunity to make things better than ever before.

I hope I’ve been able to convince you to vote for me. I vow to put in my utmost effort and do a good job if I’m elected. I have a genuine care and respect for my fellow students and my university, and I will do everything in my power to live up to that trust.

How should NTNU look in 5 and 10 years?

The studies of the future projects have been successfully completed. This has provided curricula that employ modern and pedagogically sound teaching methods, providing the experience students need for working life and the sustainability focus needed to reach the emission targets in 2030 and beyond. After a continuous change in attitude among the staff, student voice has become much more central, one of the main reasons for the increase in the quality of education and learning environment in recent years. Student volunteerism is still standing strong as ever and has continued to flourish in Gjøvik and Ålesund.

Following a process of continuous student participation, the campus project is complete. We have a fantastic new campus where volunteering is stronger than ever. The new Gløshaugen has excellent facilities for teaching, research and further campus life. The unique interests and needs of students at former Gløshaugen, Dragvoll, Tunga, Kalvskinnet, Handelshøyskolen, Øya and Tyholt are taken care of and it is truly viewed as one unified campus.


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