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My name is Erlend and I am 29 years old. I am studying medicine. The next few lines are written only for you – the exchange student.

When we had exchange students at our study program during the 8th semester there was one thing bothering me. Norwegians are very friendly and welcoming as I am sure you will agree upon at the end of your stay, but it was not all smooth sailing. It might me a bit stereotypic, but there seems to be a kind of a social shell around us.
This spring has been particularly special, so you might not have had the pleasure to meet as many Norwegians as you would like to.

So the thing bothering me was that although I tried as hard as I could I was not good enough to include exchange students in my daily life. So much of the activities are done in Norwegian. When we spoke Norwegian in smaller study groups I switched to english in order to include the exchange students, but that is a very sorry attempt of inclusion if it stops there. So I want you to get someone Norwegian to explain you the text that I have been writing for this election – not only translate it, because I trust Google Translate will do a fine job there, but invite a fellow student from Norway to discuss the text under pretence of your political interest. I you are unsure of how to begin just lie and explain that you are fascinated by the excellence of Norwegian democracy – Norwegians love to talk about all things Norwegian. (E.g. themselves).

Best wishes!

Erlend Frøland

Age: 29
Studies: Medicine – Resarch program (Professional studies), 6th year

How should NTNU look in 5 and 10 years?

Whether it will be 5 or 10 years will depend on the projects, but there will in a relatively short amount of time, due to the virus epidemic, be a much more widespread use of not only video lecutres and other e-learning tools, but more innovative types of learning arenas tailored to the wish for a sustainable future. I tink this will inklude a much more widespread use of students as paid teachers/lecturers – especially for study programmes that strech over several years. I hope, of course, that we will have reached our goals with the merging of campuses in Trondheim. I also look forward to the new Fishe building is ready and the expansion of the Student Society (Studentersamfundet) is concluded. I think NTNU needs to be more proactive to facilitate social meeting arenas for students in all three student cities. I think there is an extreme amount of learning happening also there, and that much of NTNU’s reputation builds on its study environment. Within 10 years, I think we need to have consolidated the idea of a common NTNU identity across all three cities, and I belive that starts with social events and meeting places.

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