Candidate for the NTNU Board


Hi! Here is why I am running for the board at NTNU and why you should vote for me:

Short version:
I want to be your representative! My focus points are:
  • Involvement of students in decision making
  • Student rights
  • Focus on sustainability in education
  • Cooperation across all campuses

I think I will be a good student representative on the board at NTNU because:
  • I am highly motivated for the job
  • I will not hesitate to speak out and promote the causes and opinions of the students
  • My experience as a trustee in the student parliament (Studenttinget),
     in the department and on the faculty
  • I enjoy working with others
  • I have a good overview of NTNU as an organization, and I am familiar with the student
    democracy and student volunteerism

Ingeborg Pedersen Reigstad

Age: 22
Studies: Geology (Bachelor’s), 3rd year

Long version:
My main motivation for running as student representative in the board at NTNU, is that the students need a clear voice to speak out for their rights and opinions. This past year I have been faculty trustee at the Faculty of engineering and a representative in the Student parliament (Studenttinget) at NTNU, and through my participation I have experienced the collaboration between student representatives and employees in practice. I have found that it is not always an easy job, but that through being pronounced and making explicit demands, one can achieve great results. 

One of my areas of focus will be to defend the voice of the students in all parts of the organization. It is important that the students who are engaged in reference groups, as trustees and volunteers, are heard – which can be difficult today. It is vital that there is good communication between students and employees, and I will strive to better the flow of information, especially to the student mass.  

As the largest university in Norway, NTNU has a responsibility to help solve the challenges our society faces today. Sustainability should more clearly distinguish itself as a profound part of the education at NTNU, and when the students graduate, they should have a general knowledge on how they can contribute to a more sustainable society. Sustainability is also not just about the climate and environment – it includes education, equality, innovation and infrastructure, and responsible production and consumption. 

After the fusion of NTNU, HiG and HiÅ, there have been challenges related to cooperation across campuses, and the digital equipment that exists today makes it hard to cooperate over large distances. My experience is that all the campuses have different competence and experiences, which we, together, can use to create a unified NTNU with high academic ambitions. We need a strong student democracy, and if I am elected, I look forward to working closely with the faculty trustees and the student parliaments of Trondheim, Gjøvik and Ålesund to reach these common goals. 

The year to come will be very exciting and comprehensive. The projects Fremtidens teknologistudier and Fremtidens HUMSAM-studier are to be finished in 2021, all deans, pro-rectors and vice-rectors are to be replaced, and the Corona pandemic will presumably have an impact on NTNU as an organization for a long time to come. These are issues I consider challenging and exciting, and which I look forward to dealing with. 

In order to secure the students’ well-being, it is vital that their voices are heard. I wish to be your voice at the board of NTNU.

Good luck with the elections!

How should NTNU look in 5 and 10 years?

Om fem år er prosjektene Fremtidens teknologistudier og Fremtidens HUMSAM-studier fullførte. Som et resultat av dette er det mer interaktive forelesninger, og en ny SHoT-undersøkelse viser at studenter sliter mindre med ensomhet som et resultat av større interaksjon på campus og målrettede psykososiale tiltak. Det er nå en kultur for varsling og avviksmelding, og NTNU har fått på plass systemer som ivaretar de som opplever uønskede hendelser. Studenter anses som en naturlig del av beslutningsdyktige fora på NTNU, og deres meninger etterspørres og verdsettes. 

Om ti år er campusprosjektet ferdig, og alle studenter opplever å ha gode identitetsarealer og føler en tilhørighet til NTNU. Gjøvik, Ålesund og Trondheim har gode interaksjoner der man samarbeider tett både innenfor forskning og undervisning, og universitetet holder et høyt internasjonalt faglig nivå. Frivilligheten står sterkt i alle tre studiebyene, og det er en fellesskapsfølelse i universitetet og en kvalitetskultur som gjør NTNU til Norges beste universitet.

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