Candidate for the NTNU Board


Hi! I’m running for the NTNU Board because I want to spend the next year  speaking for NTNU’s 42 000 students. I want to use my experience and abilities to help NTNU in the right direction. I’ve studies at NTNU in Trondheim for four years now, and I’m proud to be a student.

The last years, I’ve been working as a representative/trustee both on the department and faculty level. I’ve had the privilege of being the chairman of the Student Council at the Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences for nearly two years. During this time, I’ve also worked closely on projects such as the ‘christmas street’ at campus Dragvoll, renovation of learning environments and general improvement of education quality and psychosocial environment. I wish to actively work to ensure that all students at NTNU feel safe and taken care of.

I think NTNU must ensure good quality of education in all different forms, so we can educate the best candidates. Here, education must also be tailored so that all students, regardless of physical/mental capabilities or advantages, have the same possibility for high-quality education. We need to raise the level of knowledge around workplace practice in various professional studies, as many students experience that workplace practice gives less back than it takes of their time. The whistleblowing system at NTNU needs to shape up, as it is crucial to ensuring that students can report issues that otherwise may be difficult to handle. We need to work well on how we’ll handle the future merge of NTNU’s campi in Trondheim, so that the process does not impede student’s quality of education. At the same time, NTNU needs to ensure that the campi in Gjøvik and Ålesund are also taken care of. They need to have the same high quality of education, and be equally prioritized, as the rest of NTNU.

I am:
  • Dedicated and hard-working for NTNU’s students
  • Concerned with good quality of eduaction and learning environment
  • A voice for the students

Magnus Landheim

Age: 24
Studies: Education (Bachelor’s), 4th year

How should NTNU look in 5 and 10 years?

In 5 years, NTNU should have developed new standards for universal design and more subjects should be taught digitally to deal with the increasing lack of space on campus. Simultaneously, NTNU should also have started more pilot projects to prepare us for what the future holds, and what it will require.

In 10 years, we’ve proudly begun the merge of campuses in Trondheim near Gløshaugen. We have good systems in place to take care of students in all situations. We’ve developed new and good innovative learning arenas and act as an inspiration to other universities across the world.

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