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My name is Mathilde, I am 22 years old and come from Volda. I started as a student at  NTNU in 2016 and have a bachelor’s degree in political science and sociology. During my studies, I have been active in several student organizations, such as the Students’ and Academics’ International Relief Fund (SAIH), the Student Association at Political Science (Leviathan) and Womens Student Choral Society of Trondheim (TKS), where I was leader in 2019. In TKS I have worked directly with ISFiT, UKA and other groups in the Student Society in Trondheim and Trondheim municipality. I also have experience from student exchange from NTNU to UC Berkeley.

In the lecture hall I am curious and critical, in my spare time and playful and engaged, and as a person I am empathetic and responsible. With a voice on the University board, I want to work with issues that I know students care about. Following are three issues I am engaged in:

Today’s students are environmentally conscious. I will work to promote a climate perspective at NTNU. As one of Norway’s largest educational institutions, we have a responsibility to lead our society in a sustainable direction. I believe we need to focus even harder on research aimed towards the green shift, and that the climate perspective should be present in all fields of study at the university. NTNU’s students should graduate even more environmentally aware than when they started their studies.

Mathilde Sjøhelle Eiksund

Age: 22
Studies: Political Science (Bachelor’s), 4th year

The students at NTNU are versatile and committed. This engagement needs to be taken seriously both inside and outside the lecture hall. As an exchange student, I got to experience how oral activity, varied exams spread throughout the semester, and creative projects with students and learning assistants made up the final grade in the subject. I would like more fields of study to rethink their students’ assessments. This will contribute to an even more inspiring learning environment, and I believe this is fully possible to achieve to an even greater extent than present at NTNU.

NTNU should be at the forefront of digital solutions. The university is spread over several campuses. During the time of the corona crisis the university’s staff and students have been forced to explore new ways of teaching and studying. This is obviously demanding, but it also opens up new opportunities for increased digital competence and creative solutions. In the future, this may help to link the study campuses in Trondheim, Ålesund and Gjøvik, and at the same time facilitate less unnecessary travel. I am motivated to contribute to NTNU’s work to find new solutions to adapt quickly to these changes.

I am a girl with commitment, experience and relevant knowledge that I think can help to promote a clear student perspective on the board. I am outgoing and easy to talk to. Through good conversations and mutual interest, I think I can capture important input from the students. I have a good work capacity and an ability to evaluate and see issues from different prespectives. I believe my experience and personal characteristics makes me able to represent complex student perspectives at the NTNU board.

Wishing you a good election!

How should NTNU look in 5 and 10 years?

Today’s goal for NTNU in 2025, is toto become a university that «has contributed to knowledge for a better world by clearly prioritizing efforts and resources in line with the UN’s goals os sustainability» according to the official strategy of our university. I hope we will be close to this in five years. I also look forward to seeing the campus development in Trondheim, and hope that the gathering around Gløshaugen will contribute to a vibrant student environment, with a short path to both student activity at the planned «new building» by Studentersamfundet, as well as work out and studies in the multi-use building at Elgesetergate 10.

In the strategy for the next 10 years, I want us to set even more ambitious goals for sustainability and climate. Students and staff should be proud to be part of a university that is at the cutting edge within climate research and sustainability. This must be done through digitalization, increased awareness within all study fields, and close collaboration with local innovation.

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