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My name is Simen, and I will soon have finished my fifth year of the master programme in nanotechnology, and I am running for one of the two positions as a student representative in the university board.

I believe that I have the necessary qualifications to be part of the board as a student representative. I have previously been a class representative and programme representative for my study programme, and I was also the Faculty student representative for the Faculty of Natural Sciences. This was back when the divisions in Gjøvik and Ålesund were incorporated into NTNU, and having gone through this process I have gained very beneficial insight into NTNU’s bureaucracy. In my position, I also pushed the faculty to put more effort into identity areas for students, and digital learning, and these topics have both been continued to this date.

What motivates me for this position for the next year is that from my last five years of being a student I have gained much experience and hence visions as to what NTNU can do to be a better university. Last year I was very lucky to be an exchange student at Stanford in California, a university famous for their good teaching. One of my greatest wishes is to bring this motivation for great teaching, both for students and professors, to NTNU, where good teachers are rewarded for their efforts.

Simen Ringdahl

Age: 23
Studies: Nano technology (Master’s), 5th year

However, if there is one thing I have learnt from NTNU, it is that we should be very proud of our student engagement.  I myself had the pleasure of contributing to UKA twice, I have been particularly active in the nanotechnology student organisation, and I have been the leader of a scientific conference. I did not realise the extent of this engagement before I travelled to the US where I met students who had heard of NTNU just because of UKA, Revolve and other projects organised by the students. Despite this engagement being paramount for NTNU’s reputation, it may have been somewhat neglected in the administration. Students should not need to spend unnecessary hours to find appropriate rooms, apply for funds, and navigate the bureaucracy. If you want to start something, the threshold for getting going should be low.

In all decision-making processes at NTNU, there is a tug-of-war between different interests. Should I be so privileged that I myself can pull the rope, I wish it to be for the ability for students to express themselves both academically and creatively. I will work for a better campus made with student engagement in mind, more digital teaching equipment, and a greater focus on how NTNU is formed by the students, not the other way around.

I deeply wish to get the possibility to represent you in the NTNU board. I look forward to listening to your opinions, and defending them so that they can become a reality at Norway’s biggest university.

All the best for the upcoming elections!

How should NTNU look in 5 and 10 years?

In 5 years, the new and alive campus should be ready for use, with new learning arenas prepared for modern forms of teaching and student engagement, all day, every day. Now that we’re gathered, NTNU will allow for more interdisciplinary collaboration, which is reflected through teaching, masters and bachelors thesis, and research. NTNU will continue to be the primary example of a good environment for students across all their locations.

In 10 years, NTNU will have succeeded in establishing better contact between the three cities of Trondheim, Gjøvik and Ålesund. Communication between the campuses will be made more accessible, and to run collaborative work in the student engagement and academics is a matter of course. NTNU will also arrange a festival where the audience arrive with the primary goal to experience the university’s reputation as Norway’s best university, and where the students are in the spotlight.

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