Candidate for the NTNU Board


It feels a bit strange to write a candidacy in today’s situation, with corona virus and quarantines, but the elections are digital and goes on as planned.

The most central issue for me is quality of education, and that is why you should vote me in to the NTNU Board. I want a diploma from NTNU to have the same stamp of quality, regardless of campus. A nurse educated in Gjøvik should have the same knowledge and learning dividend as one educated in Trondheim or Ålesund. During their studies, a student shall attain the required knowledge for their programme of studies. This is done by utilizing relevant forms of education and/or formative assessment throughout the studies. NTNU must make incentives for employees who work with students, to continuously improve their subjects.

One must also realize the potential of digitalizing assessments and lecture, but we cannot digitalize for the sake of digitalization. This must be done wherever expedient.

There have been debates on making student exchange obligatory. To ensure that more students take exchange semesters, it must be made easier for them to go. The responsibility to ensure this must lie with NTNU. We need more tools than a long list of reports that other students have written after their exchange. NTNU must create an overview of what subjects you can choose from at the different universities across
the world.

Truls Kippernes

Age: 23
Studies: Electronic Systems Design (Master’s),
4th year

A little bit about myself and what I have done so far in my studies; my name is Truls
Kippernes, and I study electronic system design. I finished a bachelor’s degree as
electrical engineer at NTNU in 2019. I spend much of my spare time out in nature
and I frequently go ski touring. I am a dedicated person, something reflected
through the various voluntary positions which I have held throughout my time as a
student. During my four years in Trondheim, I’ve been part of the trip committee for
NTNUI Telemark-Alpint and been active in the student association Elektra, where I
was deputy chairman for a year.
In 2018, I was faculty representative at the Faculty for Information Technology and
Electrical Engineering. Currently, I am a student representative in the education
development project ‘Future Technology Studies’ until 2021. As faculty
representative, I sat on the faculty board and the leader group for the faculty. I was
part of establishing a yearly grant of 100 000,- NOK as ‘welfare means’, which
student organisation associated with the IE faculty can apply for. This grant has
turned out so well that the faculty has increased its budget.
NTNU has a long way to go on many issues, and with me as your representative on
the board, I will put quality of education on the agenda. I have achieved a lot as
representative for the students at the IE faculty, and now I want to take a step
further for all students at NTNU.
Happy elections!

How should NTNU look in 5 and 10 years?

In 5 years, NTNU has taken major steps in quality of education, and offers some of the most acknowledged technology studies in Europe. NTNU works to improve its learning areas according to the increase in number of studetns. The project ‘Future Humanities and Social sciencens studies’ is complete, the development of new study programmes and lectures have begun.

In 10 years, NTNU’s new campus in Trondheim is finished, and eagerly used by new students. Student associations have a central location on campus that ensures they’re visible and available. NTNU offers some of the world’s most acknowledged studies.

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