Candidates for the NTNU-board are announced in:




Deputy reprsentatives: Arja Pedersen and Torjus Levisen Johansen


Sum of weighted votes:

Amalie Farestvedt: 693.18

Arja Pedersen: 622.94

Fredrik Stensen Lier: 504.96

Jørgen Valseth: 886.91

Mahgol Afshari*: 1216.67

Martine Sletten: 324.25

Ragnhild M. U. Jacobsen: 510.04

Torjus Levisen Johansen: 383.22

*The election board has concluded, after a thorough dialogue with the candidate, that Mahgol Afshari does not have the sufficient Norwegian requirements for a member in the NTNU board, as stated in NTNUs election rules (valgreglement). The election board has therefore decided to re-count the votes after having withdrawn Mahgol’s candidacy. The election board apologizes for making this mistake, and the negative consequences this has caused. Especially taken into account that Mahgol was the candidate with the most votes overall in the election. Questions regarding this decision can be phrased to

Complete report from valgweb can be found here.

12th of April - 18th of April

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