The Student Parliament

The Student Parliament is the highest student body at NTNU and speaks on behalf of all NTNU students. The Student Parliament consists of 25 representatives who meet approximately every three weeks. There are 21 representatives from Trondheim, two from Gjøvik and two from Ålesund.

In the Student Parliament meetings, policies are adopted that apply to all NTNU students. These can be matters of everything from exchange to a psychosocial learning environment. The Student Parliament also elects representatives to a number of central councils and committees.

The Student Parliament elects a working committee that works full-time with the policies of the Student Parliament. Between the Student Parliament meetings, the working committee is responsible for preparing matters for the Student Parliament, following up on the Student Parliament’s decisions and being the “voice of the students” against the management at NTNU.

The Student Parliament has offices on Campus Gløshaugen. Feel free to contact us with questions or inquiries!

The working commitee

The working group for fall 2022. Left behind: Fredrik Framhus (Deputy leader and education policy responsible), Astrid Hilling (Leader), Ole-Markus Simonsen (City leader Ålesund). Front from left: Emilie Swensen (learning environment policy responsible), Bilal Sheikh (manager of international affairs), & Ingunn H. Andreassen (City leader Gjøvik).

The working committee consists of six students who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Student Parliament, and are bound by the policy adopted by the Student Parliament.

Four of the Working Committee’s members work in Trondheim, while the last two sit respectively in Gjøvik and Ålesund. All positions are full-time positions, so that members can take leave from their studies.

It is the Work Committee’s responsibility to prepare matters for and organize the Student Parliament meetings. Everyone can bring matters to the Student Parliament, but it is the Labor Committee that decides which matters should be dealt with and comes up with a proposal for a decision. This is done in the meetings of the Working Committee.

Together with the students on the NTNU board, the working committee forms the ‘The student parliament leadership group’.

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