The electoral board and election dates have been set

The three people who will coordinate the student elections in autumn 2022 have been appointed by the Student Parliament’s Labor Committee. Bilal Sheikh, Emilie Faarup Storvik and Roar Brakstad from the Student Parliament’s leadership group make up the election committee. Roar Brakstad has taken on the responsibility as this autumn’s election board chairman.

It will be an exciting election period and I am looking forward to working together to create engagement across the student organisations!

Roar Høiby Brakstad, chairman of the election board Autumn 2022

Important dates this autumn

Nomination period: 10 October – 21 October

Election period: 24 October – 27 October

Announcement of election: 28 October

Election workshop for election officials at the faculties

In week 39, the election board will coordinate an election workshop for faculty union representatives who are responsible for elections for their student body. If you as a student have input on how this autumn’s elections should be conducted, you can contact

Results Student Election Spring 2022

The result from the Student Election spring 2022 was announced 1st of april at 12.00 am. The two new students in the NTNU-board are Emilie Faarup Storvik and Roar Høiby Brakstad. The deputy representatives are Sander Elias Høyland and Hanna Drag Lysø. 

4312 out of 40433 students voted in the election. This means that 10,66% of the students voted – the highest rate since 2017. For more details about the election result, read here.

One candidate has withdrawn their candidacy

Hanna Solemdal has withdrawn her candidacy. It is sad to see a good candidate go, but the decision will not affect the election. The electoral commitee is still very content with ten very competent candidates from five different faculties.

The student election spring 2022 has opened!

You can run for candidacy as one of our two student elected representatives in the NTNU-board.

Read more and run for candidacy at NB! There is a requirement for knowledge in norwegian if you want to run for the board. Read more here.

Do you know someone who would be a good representative? Nominate them using the same form as for when running for candidacy. 

The election for faculty or deparment student representative opens in a week: 14th of march.

The electoral committee for spring 2022 is chosen

There are three people who will coordinate the student election this spring. Amalie Farestvedt, Bilal Sheikh and Jørgen Valseth from the Student Parliament are this year’s members of the electoral commitee. Jørgen Valseth is the leader of this commitee. 

– We have already started planning the election og look forward to this period. 

Jørgen Valseth, leader of the electoral commitee

The student election this spring will be held in March and the winners will be announced 1st of April. 


The ballots are open!

The student election is finally open for voting! It is now possible to vote in the elections for the Student Parliament and the Student Councils at the faculties. For the Student Parliament there are 27 candidates, 21 from Trondheim, 4 from Ålesund and 2 from Gjøvik. 21, 2 and 2 new parliament members will be elected from the three cities, respectively.

The ballots are open from monday 1.11 at 09:00 till thursday 4.11 at 23:59. 

Not sure who to vote for? Take the election quiz: 

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