Running for elections is awesome, but can also be scary. Here we will give you some advice as to how to run to ease the process of having to make a decision.

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1) Consider what motivates you

Running for any position in the student deomocracy requires that you are motivated for the job, that you are hardworking and that you are capable of listening to your fellow students. You will be a representative for all students, and thus having an open mind is important. Is there anything you would like to change on NTNU? Does that motivate you? Well, then you should run! And of course vote.

2) You will learn a lot

Being a representative for the students, or just simply taking a role in the student democracy, is a very good process, and one you will learn a lot from. You will become familiar with big processes on NTNU and what is going on. Although the processes are unique to NTNU, many of the aspects are highly relevant for other processes ypu will encounter in life, because it is a good experience nontheless to have when entering your work period.

3) Talk to previous student board members

You are not the first to run for elections, nor becoming a representative. Many have been before you, and there will be even more after you. They are the ones that are most familiar with the position, and have already been in your shoes. Contact them to collect a few important pieces of advice. If you are not sure whom to contact, then we in the election team can be of great help. We can surely point you in the right direction.

4) Announce your candidacy

Dette er ikke lett, men det er kult! Ta sjansen, og kanskje du blir representant for over 40 tusen studenter på NTNU. This is the hardest step, but the coolest. Who knows, you may win, and this may be your chance to represent 40 000 students on NTNU.

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