Voting is not hard at all! Take a look below for a small step by step guide for how to proceed to vote in the student elections.

The elections are run through NTNU valgweb

1) Confirm that you are registered correctly

The voting registrations (mandates) are updated every spring and autumn after the semester registrations. It is the responsibility of the individual student and empolyee at NTNU to check that they are correctly registered. This happens twice a year.

The registrations for spring elections are published 20th of February, whilst the autumn election registrations are published on the 20th of September.

2) Read about the candidates on

The studentvalget websites will have complete information on all the candidates once they are announced. Read about them to gather more insight into who they are so that you are able to make an informed decision once you vote.

3) Take the quiz machine

All candidates are asked to answer a series of questions regarding NTNU and its functions. These are put into a quiz machine such that you should be able to find which candidate fits your own views best. The quiz machine can be found on the studentvalget websites once the candidates are announced.

4) Vote

The Studentvalget website also has a timeline that allows you to track the dates for this semesters election. Follow this in order to find out when the elections open. Good luck!

Do you want more information?

Press the buttons below to receive information on the elections. You may of course anytime ask the election team the questions you may have.


Skriv inn e-postadressen din under, så vil du få påminnelse når valget åpner.

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