Candidate for the student parliament

Aksel Kvamme Aase

Age: 22 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Energy and environment
Determined, listening, creative


Priority cause: Like muligheter for alle studenter
Hi, my name is Aksel and I am a at the third year of the program energy and environment. This is my fourth year at NTNU, and i now feel that i can contribute to the student democracy in a positive and useful manner. My focus point being that all students should have the same opportunists is important to me as i firmly believe every student has a right to experience their time as a student fully without being shut out in any way. Being shut out can happen in many ways including economically, socially and physically and whit plenty of reasons behind them. I believe that no reason is truly good enough to feel shut out from the same opportunities that others have as students and this is what my choices in the student democracy will reflect.
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