Candidate for the NTNU-board:

Amalie Farestvedt

Age: 22 years old
Studieby: Trondheim
Study programme: Masters degree in Nanotechnology
Engaged listener

Candidate text:

Hi there! My name is Amalie and I study nanotechnology in Trondheim.

I would treasure getting this unique opportunity to shape the future of student politics, and thereby the future of our lives. Although running for this position is a bit intimidating for me, I think this only plays into my hand. I am the type of person who does their best work when I am just a bit nervous. Luckily, I have a lot of experience to lean on: I have been very active in the student community in Trondheim and can point to commitments in everything from the board of an altruistic organization to leading a choir.

The desire to run for board member has risen because of the problems I have seen students facing the last year. Covid-19 has unveiled a scary truth; we must fight for our student rights; they cannot be taken for granted. We have all experienced how lonely a long day in front of a computer can be. Social interactions have been scarce, and a nagging uncertainty has been constantly over our shoulders. NTNU should value predictability: we do not want more abrupt changes from physical to digital exams as we saw last fall.
The university has a responsibility to offer social arenas to prevent the loneliness pandemic in the student population. The fact that we used a year from lockdown to well-integrated system for use of campus for social activities is simply not good enough. It clearly exemplifies how important an active student democracy is for all of us. As an ambassador for the student voluntary community, I have experienced how draining it is to constantly adapt to rules changing. It is only because of a strong student body that our organizations still are up and running. NTNU should prioritize student voluntary activity in their agenda.

Next year we will face a gradual reopening of society. Here it is crucial that the students get enough space. The potential for doing an actual difference is there, but it requires the right student representative. I think we should turn on our focus and be on the look for the student rights that might disappear in the opening process. We owe it to all future students to not lose any rights along the way. Efficiency is another keyword in the reopening, and something everyone gains from. Here I think we need to stress the importance of a clear and honest communication between student and administration. This will ensure a smooth transition for student as well as employee.

So, what is my contribution to it all? My most profound trait is how I listen to people around me. I consider it a flaw to be very strongly opiniated. I seek to constantly update and adjust impressions as I learn more and see different perspectives. As a board member I want to reach out to students so that I can listen attentively; your opinion matters to the student democracy! I think varied methods for obtaining data is vital. The use of creative measures like games or free food might be valuable here. Knowing that you see the full specter of the student mass and thereby represent the highest number of people is important to make thoughtful choices.

If you vote for me, I will ensure that I use my huge commitment as a driving force in everything I do as a representative. Student welfare, participation and visibility will be prioritized. My goal will be to represent you in an eloquent and direct manner. I am not easily frightened and will therefore stand my ground – or as the next student representative: stand our ground!

Voting is vital for democracy, thanks for participating!
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