Candidate for the student parliament

Anita Vikestad

Age: 23 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Master’s in equality and diversity
Sociable, structured and solution-oriented


Priority cause: Student welfare
I’m from a small town called Rørvik, and I started on my master’s degree at NTNU this fall. Prior to this I studied at DMMH to be a pre-school teacher, where I discovered my passion for student politics. I’m motivated for running for the Student Parliament so I can contribute to improving students rights and welfare, so the years being a student will be the best experience as possible. In order to making good decisions in the Student Parliament I value the input from fellow students, as well as making sure I have enough information to make informed choices.

My previous experiences from student politics have given me both good experiences with, and motivation for, working with student politics. Some relevant experiences that will be useful in the Student Parliament are being a representative in Pedagogstudentenes national committee, deputy head of DMMHs Student Parliament, representative in the Welfare Council and various positions in other student organizations.

The SHOT-survey shows us that the mental health among students needs to be improved. I believe that a good place to start strengthening student welfare is to create a good learning environment, that reflects the diversity among students. In addition to this, I am passionate about the education being of good quality, including both good pedagogical practice and relevance for work.

The student organizations are a big part of many students lives as well, and I believe that volunteering is important for the students well-being and motivation. One of my main causes will be to ensure that student organizations have good conditions for creating social and educational places for students to meet.

Happy election!
Students in the Parliament

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