Candidate for the student parliament

Anna Elizarova Jøntvedt

Age: 20 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Social economics
Hardworking, motivated and curious


Priority cause: The issues I value by far the most are related to learning environment policy. This is primarily because I, like the majority of students; want to perform well in their studies. Regardless of the hours the students invest in the subjects, there are certain conditions arranged by either the lecturers or the student policy which can have a huge influence on the students’ performance at the exam. To exemplify; insufficient information about the form of the exam and what will be emphasized.
I am a social girl from Larvik, whom enjoys physical activity, music, literature, and visual arts. I am currently on my second year on my Bachelor in Social Economics, where I am also a board member of the student union for my program.

Initially, my interest was sparked by the work performed by the Working Committee. Particularly, the work regarding internalization of exchange students. I am very fond of Trondheim as a student city, and I wish for International Students who are visiting to experience this cultural exchange to a greater extent.
Furthermore, I have always been optimistic towards learning, and I hope for as many students as possible to share this experience with me.
I find great pleasure in engaging in the student union for my program, and I work hard to promote the student interests of social nature. However, I wish to organize myself within student politics, outside of my own student union.
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