Candidate for the NTNU-board:

Arja Pedersen

Age: 25 years old
Studieby: Trondheim
Study programme: English Studies with Teacher Education
Well-being, quality, and sustainability

Candidate text:

As a student representative on the Board of NTNU I want to push NTNU in the right direction: towards a better student experience for our current students and for our future students. In order to do this, three focus areas will be particularly important to me:
– The students’ psychosocial environment
– Quality assurance in education
– Sustainability in education and a sustainable education
During the pandemic we have seen a rise in students struggling psychosocially. This was also a major concern before Covid-19. NTNU needs to continue focusing on the students’ psychosocial environment, and we need to invest in measures that have a genuine positive effect.

Quality assurance is the key to improve our study programs. The evaluations of study programs have to be more thorough and be carried out more frequently to ensure that the students are satisfied with their education. We also need to ensure that all students know where to go and who to contact when reporting censurable conditions at NTNU.

Sustainability is an aspect that concerns all study programs and all students at NTNU. This should be reflected in our education. Additionally, NTNU need to do a comprehensive conversion in order to secure that our education is sustainable also in tomorrow’s society. This involves which study programs are available, how they are structured, and the thought process behind their content.

I believe I am the right candidate for the Board of NTNU. I am reliable, hardworking, and I enjoy hearing others’ thoughts and opinions on topics. In addition to having considerable experience with student organisation work, I have been a part of the student democracy for several years: I have been the student representative for the teacher program with language studies for two years and am currently the student representative for the Faculty of Humanities (HF). Additionally, I am also a part of NTNU’s delegation to the National Union of Students in Norway’s (NSO) national assembly this year.

Vote for me and I will fight to improve your student experience!
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