Candidate for the NTNU board:

Brede Haugland

Age: 22 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Master’s degree in Electronic system design and innovation
Plans to accept the fulltime job: Yes
I work in a structured manner, I am already very invested in the student community at the Student Society and am eager to see which other organizational roles that are available as a student, it is easy to talk with me about anything


Priority cause: Student exchange after lockdown, making sure that the exchange culture remains active and that people apply for cultural exhange for some years during their degree.
I am born and raised in Oslo, I came to Trondheim in the autumn of 2019 and I am currently studying Electronic System Design and Innovation at Gløshaugen. I have been a volunteer at the Student Society since I came to Trondheim and I want to see other opportunities to volunteer and work for the Student body as well as the overall Student involvment at NTNU. The NTNU-Board to me is a new and exciting way to work towards the betterment of, or at least maintain, the rights, priviledges and the student life as we enjoy it today, in a more direct fashion.

Establishing guidelines and rules for the day-to-day operation of NTNU as an institution, organizing the students who actively involve themself in the Student Democracy and having the voices and opinions of students heard is truly exciting and I think a year at the Board will provide both me and students at large at NTNU a year filled with opportunity. There has been a huge strain on the daily activities of students through corona, so it’s a golden opporunity to take back some of the old and introduce some of the new.
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