Candidate for the student parliament

Didrik Nohre Lønvik

Age: 22 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Lektorutdanning i realfag
Engaged, proactive, experienced


Priority cause: To ensure that students have enough space and areas with good enough quality on campus
I am running for the Student Parliament because I am very committed in student politics, and really want to fight for the students. Once I’ve started fighting for a something, I don’t give up.

I have several experiences that give me a good basis for a position in the Student Parliament, from both political and voluntary positions. I have held several positions in party politics, including leader for the local student group, and in Pedagogstudentene (the youth organization of Utdanningsforbundet) I have board positions from the local to national level. I am currently also a faculty representative at the IE faculty, and a representative in the Welfare Council. All this has given me valuable experience in political work, and in particular student politics, which will be very useful in my work in the Student Parliament. I have also been active in several linjeforeninger so I know the importance the linjeforeninger have for many students, and how much work is put in by the volunteers.

My main cause is to ensure that students have enough space and good areas on campus. I believe that this is essential for the students to have a good study life. Enough space covers everything from workplaces to areas for the student organizations. This will be an important factor in ensuring that the everyday study life of the students is as good as possible. Another important issue for me is the students’ mental health. Numbers from SHoT show that we must improve in this area, and this is something I will fight for. A good student’s everyday life and their mental health are linked, and by improving one, the other will also be improved.

Vote for me if you want someone who really fights for the students’ cause, and who won’t give up fighting for it!
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