Candidate for the student parliament

Eivind Kristoffer Johansson

Age: 21 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: BSOS
Flexible, Engaged and inclusive


Priority cause: help in the fight against lonely students
Hi, My name is Eivind Johansson as you probably already know. I dont know what i should write in a candidacy tekst so i might shooting arrows in the dark here. I have not been very politically engaged before, i want to change this. Engangement in the student politics seems like a superb way to do this. This is ofcourse not the only reason for wanting to be on the “studentting”. But also for the possibility to help make NTNU a better place for the rest of the student population. When i heard 4 out of 10 students said they had no or few friends i got shocked as Trondheim is recognized as the norwegian city with the most satisfied students. This seems like a possible way to maybe make that decrease.
Students in the Parliament

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