Candidate for the student parliament

Eivor Høgmo Karlsen

Age: 24 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Bachelor in Geography
Committed, fair and proactive


Priority cause: Students’ belonging
Hi! My name is Eivor, I’m 24 years old and studying geography. After a few years as a student, my commitment and interest in student politics has grown, and by running for election I hope to get the opportunity to work more on this.
I am particularly concerned with student areas, both when it comes to learning areas and areas for student organizations, and how access to (good) enough spaces affects students everyday life and sense of belonging.

In addition to this, I think student participation and influence is very important. Through, among other things, my position as a department student representative, I have gained experience with many of the opportunities students have to influence and participate in matters concerning their interests. This applies to absolutely all matters that are worked on at all levels at NTNU. I hope to work more on highlighting the possibilities for, and not least the importance of, this student participation together with the rest of studenttinget.
Students in the Parliament

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