Candidate for the STUDENT PARLIAMENT:

Emilie Faarup Storvik

Age: 23 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Master in European Studies, 5th year

Candidate text:

Student politics is fun! There is a lot going on that requires us students to get involved. NTNU has many millions of kroners that go into profit, but student volunteering, does not get access to this money, even though they desperately need them after the pandemic. The campus collection is underway, and the students’ areas for both learning and also social must be secured. And there must be principles and requirements for how we want our everyday studentlife to be like.
I want to work to be the voice for student volunteering and student organisations, and hope to be able to promote and voice what organisations need from NTNU.
Otherwise, I am a very committed and active student with lots to do. I am a faculty student representative at HF, I sit on the main board of NTNUI, and various other small positions in student volunteering. I have been to many organizations during my time in Trondheim, and I look forward to being able to contribute with the little knowledge I have built up about students and what is needed for a good everyday student life. But, I am most looking forward to learning more about what the students need the student democracy to work for!
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