Candidate for the student parliament

Gina Kristine Steen Aarheim

Age: 26 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: NTNU’s School of Entrepreneurship – master’s degree in entrepreneurship
Engaged, curious and motivated


Priority cause: Well-being during the study period
My motivation to run my candidacy to the student parliament builds on my wish for all students at NTNU to experience both mastering and wellbeing during their time at university. To me, this means that you can look back at your time studying here as a time where you were met by a system that took care of you when you experienced hardship.

I currently have a position as the assistant head of admin in ISFiT23, and as a representative in the welfare council. I was also lucky enough to help establish ‘Drivhuset’ as a student center under Sit, in cooperation with an awesome bunch of people.
Through the student parliament I now wish to contribute to help you have a better everyday life as a student.
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