Candidate for the student parliament

Hanna Drag Lysø 

Age: 24 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Master’s in innovation, entrepreneurship and society
Committed, experienced and social


Priority cause: Quality in education
During my years at NTNU, I have experienced NTNU from several different perspectives, trough this I have a nuanced view of the student politics, and have learned to see things from several different perspectives. Quality in education is something I think is important so that students leave the university with the competence they need, and thus become an important resource for society in the years to come. I want to run for this position as I think student politics is interesting, and want to help promote the students’ views on various issues, as well as learn more about how NTNU works centrally.
From before I have experience from other positions, including the student council at SU where I am currently a faculty elected representative and have been an institute representative, and as well from a student association.
Students in the Parliament

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