Candidate for the STUDENT PARLIAMENT:

Hanna Hoelstad Faarlund

Age: 20 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Anthropology, 1st year

Candidate text:

Hi! My name is Hanna and I moved to Trondheim from Oslo this autumn. My decision to study came very spontaneously, but just in time. As a first-year student, you enter the new everyday life with many ambitions and hopes for how your student life should be. Despite the fact that I have only lived here for a few months, I quickly realized that good communication between students and board is fundamental to a good student environment. Being a new student is in my opinion, an advantage when choosing a new studentting. With fresh eyes and high ambitions to make the everyday and student life of current and future students easier, I wish to declare myself as candidate for this election. I want to shed light on better representation of students at Dragvoll and smaller campuses (I don’t think I was the only new student who was certain that Gløshaugen was my campus before reading upon my study properly, hehe). Promoting the smaller and underrepresented campuses at NTNU is important for a more varied and inclusive student environment. Better mental health in students is also something I think should be prioritized and focused more on, especially after the pandemic. Thank you for your attention!
Seats in Studenttinget

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