Candidate for the student parliament

Ida Austigård Ødegård

Age: 22 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Nanoteknologi
Committed, experienced, structured


Priority cause: Quality in teaching and learning areas
My name is Ida Austigard Ødegård, and I am 22 years old from a small town outside of Stavanger. I have always been very interested in politics and therefore I decided to run for election to Studenttinget last year. Since then I have been a representative in Studenttinget, and my interest in and knowledge for student politics has grown significantly. In this year’s student council I think I can contribute a firm voice and with transfer of experience.

Since starting studying I have experienced the importance of areas designated for student activities and learning. I believe every study program should have such an area to improve the study environment and prevent loneliness. I have also experienced big differences in teaching quality. I want to push NTNU to work for better quality in education and more education in teaching for our professors.

If you want an experienced and committed candidate, who wants to work for quality of education, learning areas and an inclusive education, I might be your candidate.
Students in the Parliament

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