Candidate for the student parliament

Isak Aleksander Fladmark

Age: 20 years old
Campus: Ålesund
Study programme: Renewable Energy
Energetic, Goal oriented and Optimistic


Priority cause: The most important thing during your studies is the experiences and memories you make. That is why I think that the most important thing about the study time is the work the line associations do. They are the students’ opportunity to create inclusive events that help students meet and get to know the other students on campus. The job as the line association is therefore quite important and they deserve benefits such as their own areas on campus so that they can create more events and contribute to an active campus.
Hey. My name is Isak Aleksander Fladmark. I’m studying first year renewable energi at NTNU Ålesund. And i’m a kandidat for det studentboard. Det reason i’m putting my name forward for studentboard is because i’m passionate about making the time as a student the best it can be. The time as a student is about making memories and friends that last for life. This is the reason i joined Sigma and now the reason i’m putting my name forward for studentboard. My goal as your boardmember is to do everything in my power to make studentlife the best it can possible be for all students.
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