Candidate for the STUDENT PARLIAMENT:

Iver Lieberg Stieng

Age: 21 years old
Campus: Gjøvik
Study programme: Business Administration, 1st year

Candidate text:

My name is Iver, I am 21 years old and am currently in my first year of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I am standing for election to the student council at NTNU from Gjøvik. I have almost 5 years of experience from youth politics and currently sit on in the executive board of a nationwide youth organization, and I am elected to the municipal council. Recently I organized the EU Academy in Brussels, a top training seminar for 10 selected participants where we visited exciting institutions such as NATO, the embassy, NHO, LO, EFTA and more where we listened to exciting lectures, and that the participants were tested in their abilities around debate, organization building and crisis management. This project is one of several tasks I have as an international officer in European youth. This experience has given me great knowledge of the processes involved in such a position of trust, at the same time as I have developed good skills in making an impact on my views. I’m a hard debater, but also an easy-going guy who is good at building relationships. Now I want to use precisely these skills to represent you and everyone else studying at our university to ensure that our interests are safeguarded. I am an outgoing and open person who is always available for a conversation if there is something you want to bring up. Important issues for me are that NTNU maintains good quality in the academic, and does not allow Corona to be a pillow where simple solutions take precedence over quality and well-being. We will use and develop the digital solutions that we have been eyeing during the pandemic, but we will not let good traditional teaching methods be lost.
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