Candidate for the student parliament

Iver Lieberg Stieng

Age: 22 years old
Campus: Gjøvik
Study programme: Computer engineering and Economics and Administration
Engaged, eager and knowledgeable


Priority cause: Nuclear power
My name is Iver, I am 22 years old and currently in the 1st year of a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and the 2nd year in Economics and Administration. I have 5 years of experience in youth policy, including from the central board of a nationwide youth organisation, as well as the fact that I am elected by the people. This experience has given me a great deal of knowledge about the processes that such a position of trust includes, while at the same time I have developed good skills in gaining traction for my views. Now I want to use these very skills to represent you and everyone else studying at NTNU to ensure that our interests are safeguarded. I am an outgoing and open person who is always available for a conversation if there is something you want to bring up. I was elected to the student parliament last year and will soon finish my first term, which has added flavor. I would like to claim that I have been one of the most active STi representatives on the podium in the period we are now putting behind us. In addition, I authored, together with a co-representative, the only resolution submitted by STi representatives. This dealt with nuclear power, which is one of my core issues *pun intended, and was unanimously adopted. Furthermore, I participated as a delegate at the NSO (Norwegian Student Organisation)’s national meeting, where I was also very active on the rostrum, and here too it ended with the proposed policy being approved. If you want an energetic and engaged student who wants to work so that your interests are heard, then I ask that you give me your vote!
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