Candidate for the student parliament

Joey Cheng

Age: 20 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Cybernetics and robotics
Does not give up, good at listening, happy in a good debate.


Priority cause: More skilled teachers and better teaching plans.
Do you go to lectures with bad lecturers who just make you want to go home and get under the covers? Do you feel that you have to cram the syllabus, and do you have a doctorate in copying other students’ answers for you assignments?

I am passionate about NTNU getting better at ensuring the quality of courses, and that students meet skilled lecturers with a scientific approach to teaching and learning. We live in a world where lecturers are no longer the only source of knowledge. At the same time, we as students are encouraged to attend lectures, and then it only makes sense that we set demands for quality. This will be my priority if I am elected.

My name is Joey and I study Cybernetics and Robotics. Vote for me if you think that the system around reference groups is not good enough, and YOU want change.
Students in the Parliament

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