Candidate for the student parliament

Jonas Låstad

Age: 23 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: MSMT
Experienced, Direct, Committed


Priority cause: Excellent teaching
My name is Jonas Låstad, I’m studying material science at the 4th year. I really want to represent you in the student parliament for another year.
Currently I’m studying and working as a research assistant at the department of material science. I have previously been a faculty representative and a representative at the student parliament since 2021. I also have previous experience as a buddy week organizer and other student activities at NTNU.
In my time as a student representative, I’ve been made aware of multiple of students’ grievances with how NTNU is working. Flow of information, quality of education, working life relevance, and belonging on campus. These are issues I have been working with and want to continue working with. I want to work to improve student influence and flexibility in education and fight to make the campus project a project that takes care of and improves the study environment at NTNU.
I have a couple of core issues I hold dear, that you may too.
– The campus project: This is probably NTNUs largest ongoing project. To ensure that the students get good learning environments that builds a sense of community for both study and student activity. Meanwhile it’s important that the students at Dragvoll is not forgotten in the process.
– Excellence in education: When a student from NTNU applies for a job, I want those four letters to weigh heavily. Our university must make demands of its students and educators, as well as facilitate a good study environment. We students must be given the trust to develop in fields of study of our interests. I believe meritocracy is a central part of equality and that NTNU should reflect this.
Here is three skills that makes me to a candidate that deserves your vote.
1. Experience: I have been working in the student parliament for a while, with this I have followed the previous two years of the students in the NTNU-board and have obtained a lot of insight to what the position entails. Also, as a faculty representative I have board member experience from the faculty board at the faculty of natural science.
2. Direct: I love to discuss, and I’m not afraid to voice mine or the others opinion in a heated debate. In debates it is also important to keep an open mind to other’s arguments and I will gladly le myself be convinced.
3. Engaged: I’ve done this for a while, that is because I feel that It’s important for me and for you. I hope you want to vote for me and allow me to work with it for a while more.

Happy elections!
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