Candidate for the STUDENT PARLIAMENT:

Jonas Låstad

Age: 22 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering, 3rd year

Candidate text:

My name is Jonas Låstad, I study material science and are at the 3rd year at my bachelor. I would very much want to sit for another year as your student parliament representative!
Currently I’m working as a student representative at faculty level at the faculty of natural science, and have already been a student parliament representative. I have experience in other student organizations working as a buddy week organizer, and engaging in other student activities.
In my time as student representative, I have noticed the dismay of multiple students regarding how NTNU have traditionally worked, but not least during the pandemic. These issues, I want to work on further in the student parliament.
I want to front issues like good digital education, increased student influence, and flexibility in your education. These are issues I have worked on previously and want to continue to work on further. I want to fight for the campus project to be a project that both takes care of and improves the study environment at NTNU. This means that we should be able to rethink learning aeras and student spaces on campus and work to use these more efficiently.
NTNU is perceived by me to prioritize quantity over quality, which I mean is wrong. When e student from NTNU walks into a job interview, I want those four letters to weigh heavy. Our university must set requirements for competence from its students as well as facilitate a good study environment. We students must be given more confidence and the opportunity to chose topics that interests us. If you think meritocracy is an important part of freedom and that freedom is important to us students, I am probably a candidate for you.
Here are some skills that make me a candidate you should vote for:
1. Experience: I have held the position for a year previously, which makes It easier for me to continue student parliament’s work from this year.
2. Direct: I love to discuss, and I am not afraid to promote my side or the side of my fellow students in a heated debate. If I can promise you one thing it’s frankness.
3. Engaged: I have done this a while, that is because I feel it is important for me and for you.
Have a nice election.
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