Candidate for the STUDENT PARLIAMENT:

Jørgen Hveding

Age: 22 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Energy and Environmental Engineering, 2nd year

Candidate text:

Hey! My name is Jørgen, and I’m a second year student of Energy and Environmental Engineering.

I’m running for Student Parlament in hopes of utilizing the great potential there is for cooperation between Norway’s largest university, and Norway’s best student community:) In particular I want to elevate focus on students’ mental health and well-being, a topic that has recently been proven more important than ever. I seek to be a friendly face for NTNU’s students, easily approachable and attentive. I’m not afraid of promoting others’ interests and being a community voice, putting myself ahead to break the “barrier” between the NTNU and its students.
After some time in Trondheim I’ve developed a passion for the student community here, especially through my line association EMIL, a passion I want to keep going. In EMIL I’m currently on the executive board, as well as a committeeleader for our coding committee, and a board member of EMIL INVEST. I also have experience as a several times elected community representative in the military. As I now step out of my position in EMILs board by the end of 2021, STi will be the perfect opportunity for me to keep spending my free time with students, for students.

Happy elections!
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