Candidate for the student parliament

Josef Kayri

Age: 25 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Psychology profession
Desire for improvement, willingness to work and pragmatics.


Priority cause: New campus project
I want parts of the new campus project to pause until we are assured with high certainty and detail we do not compromise functionality. That lectures and research can continue as normal, has to be prioritised above anything else with no compromises. For example, I see “Senter for Psykisk Helse” as poorly planned, over ambitious and expensive, meanwhile being miles away from fulfilling the needs of the respective institute it is meant for.

I also think the current guidelines for quality assurance are too loose. Although traditional practise of student feedback groups in every course has a lot of flaws, allowing to opt out of this without a thoroughly thought through replacement, opens the opportunity for course coordinators with little interest in cooperation or will to improve, to continue in their ways with less pressure. That one can make their own surveys for critique of one self, allows free rein to choose which topics that are open for criticism. In addition, they are free to interpret and present the data they have gathered as they see fit.
Although many take this aspect of their course seriously and do it well, quality assurance should not be voluntary.
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