Candidate for the student parliament

Kamilla Elene Samuelsen

Age: 22 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Business Administratio
Dedicated, a good listener and reflective


Priority cause: Cross-campus topics
My name is Kamilla Elene, I am 22 years old and come from Alta. I am in my second year of my bachelor’s in Business Administration at NTNU Business School.

I have had the pleasure of being a representative in the Student Parliament in the past year, in addition to being a faculty representative at the Faculty of Economics and Director of Student Politics in my student association STØH. From January I will take over as vice-president of the student union, but I can’t let go of the Student Parliament just yet!

In the past year, I have taken part in heated, engaged and intense discussions, which have challenged both my own perception and my own opinions – and I see the value in the fact that the Student Parliament is a mixture of new voices and experienced debaters, therefore I want to contribute to the student democracy for one more year!

Happy election!
Students in the Parliament

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