Candidate for the student parliament

Leander Prag Sømme

Age: 21 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Art history
I am interested in student politics. I have a lot of previous experience with student democracy. I am motivated and committed.


Priority cause: Student welfare!!
I’m a motivated, solution oriented, and keen, person who always strives to do my best.
Student welfare and student politics are some of my highest areas of interest. Before coming to Trondheim, I was working for The Studentparlamentet at Volda University College as their vice-president and Discipline supervisor (Fagansvarlig/Fagpolitisk ansvarlig). I also sat at multiple boards and councils at Volda University College; so I have a great deal of experience with higher education “bureaucracy”. More recently, I also got elected in as a student representative by NSO(The National Union of Students in Norway) to UHR(Universities Norway).
At the start of this semester I got voted into The Studentparlament at NTNU (Studenttinget), as a stand-in for someone who had completed their studies. So far has my brief time in The Studentparlament NTNU has been a lot of fun, and I hope to continue. Vote for me! :D
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