Candidate for the student parliament

Martin Støldal Gjervan

Age: 23 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Nurse
Engaged, solution-oriented and willing to learn


Priority cause: Student volunteering
My name is Martin and I’m studying nursing. I am running as a candidate for the Student Parliament to be the students voice when it comes to the student associations, free education, and students’ mental health. I have studied at NTNU for over a year and experienced how many amazing students, student associations, lecturers, and locations NTNU has. However, we need to keep improving and we as students can not accept all changes and results that are not up to the NTNU standard. The past year I have been Head of The Norwegian Nursing Student Association in Trondheim, Financial Manager in Nutrix Linjeforening and Head of Secretariat in ISFiT23. These experiences have given me insight in what we students think and need.
One of the things I think is important is that we students stand together when it comes to the principal of free education. Students should not be economically affected by practical studies out of town and neither international students who are coming to Norway for their studies.
During the pandemic, the student’s mental health was deeply challenged, and we need to talk more about it. There are so many good offers for us students, but it doesn’t mean it’s enough. The offers need to be closer to the students, more now than ever and it should not matter if you study on a big campus or one of the many smaller ones.
In these times it’s also really important that we students talk about the student volunteerism and make sure that there is enough room for all the student associations. We call ourselves the best student city in Norway and we cannot take this position for granted. We must make sure that we evolve the volunteerism forwards, because it is so fundamental for Trondheim as a student city as well for us students.
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