Candidate for the NTNU-board:

Martine Sletten

Age: 24 years old
Studieby: Trondheim
Study programme: Master’s programme in Equality and Diversity

Candidate text:

Hello! My name is Martine, and I’m soon done with a master’s degree in Equality and Diversity. I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology from NTNU, with a year in Norwegian Sign Language. As a candidate for The Board I have long experience with student organizations and politics, as well as an inexhaustible drive.

I’ve been active in different volunteer work since I started at NTNU in 2016. I’ve been a board member in the Student Society for Social Anthropology (Communitas), a student organization for sign language users (RAFT), and student representative for my study program. The last year I’ve been balancing my master’s degree with being a student representative at my department as well as in NTNU’s Committee for Equality and Diversity. The highlight has been an issue I’m currently working with, about incorporating Sami perspectives into NTNU’s subjects.

I’m running for the board position because I know I still have more to offer. I am capable of seeing the overarching visions and goals while simultaneously taking specific steps to reach them. NTNU should be an outstanding university for students and employees, which requires student perspectives to be included. There’s already fantastic work being done by dedicated students on this. As a student representative on the board, I will cooperate with these to learn more about the issues they’re passionate about, and contribute to fighting for these – including the ones I don’t have much previous experience with. However, I still have some issues I would like to pay special attention to.

First of all, NTNU should be a university where everyone feels included and involved. The feeling of distance between the students and the management is too large. The last year has been characterized by unpredictability, and the “wait and see” attitude and poor flow of information from NTNU and the Norwegian government has not lessened these feelings of uncertainty. Furthermore, skewed priorities lead to some students feeling like they are worth less. No matter if it’s because of special needs, study program, campus or the town you’re studying in, this is something we have to work against. The diversity of students at NTNU is something we should all appreciate, and therefore I believe every student should have an equally positive experience. Unfortunately, I have seen that this is not the case today, that some students experience vague requirements and poor guidance, and are left with a feeling that their frustrations are not heard.

Secondly, NTNU should reduce the use of traditional exams. This is an artificial form of assessment that does not prepare us for skills we will need for work, nor does it contribute to feelings of accomplishment. Portfolio assessments consisting of work done over a longer period of time is a better representation, in addition to different tasks offering a broader experience. In this way we can also adjust to the needs of more students, and this flexibility can make higher level education a possibility for more people.

My working method in student politics so far has been diligent preparing as well as talking to people to learn from their experiences. This is something I will continue doing. The students at NTNU are active both in politics as well as student organizations but have limited time to do so. If I am elected as student representative for The Board I will use my time to cooperate with other students and fight for the issues we care about.

Good luck with the election!
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