Candidate for the student parliament

Matilde Brox Bordal

Age: 24 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Master in European Studies
Conscientious, engaged and motivated


Priority cause: Student wellbeing and mental health
My name is Matilde, I am 24 years old and in the second year of a master’s in European studies. Currently, I am the Faculty Trustee in charge of Communications at the Faculty of Humanities. I have previously been a program trustee for European studies and a student representative in the education committee for the department of historical and classical studies. Previous I have also experience from work as a social learningassistant and as a board member of the Eureka study association.

Students’ well-being and rights mean a lot to me and is something that I want to fight for. I therefore want to run for the Student Parliament in order to continue this commitment to an arena that covers all the student at NTNU.
Students in the Parliament

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