Candidate for the student parliament

Ole August Iversen

Age: 23 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Social economics
Has extensive experience in representing others (municipal council, various political councils and committees), is good at organizing in different ways, is good at communicating


Priority cause: To oppose the proposed merger of the campuses
I am running for election in the student parliment as a communistic student who likes nynorsk. I have a lot of experience from political institutions, from the municipal, county and naional level. I think it is important that higher education is both liberating and avalible to the working class, and that it makes people more prepeared to make the world better and more just for everyone.

I want to put a stop to the process of gathering the campuses, i
want to change the election system to the student parliment to a system with election lists instead of single candidate election, i also want to make sure the university stays true to their goals of sustainability, in addition to strengthening the welfare that students have access to and to better the working conditions and rights of students.
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