Candidate for the NTNU board:

Roar Høiby Brakstad

Age: 26 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: High School lecturer in physical eduaction and sports
Plans to accept the fulltime job: Yes
Dedicated, experiences and sincere


Priority cause: Proactive work for better mental health among students
Hi, my name is Roar and I am running for the NTNU board. (Announcing my candidacy for the NTNU Board)

Four years ago, I decided to drop out of my studies at UiO, and decided to head north to NTNU. I have not regretted that descion since. The reason is simple. Trondheim is Norway’s best student city, and there are so many things that help make Trondheim a great city for us students. We have Norway’s finest student community, one of the largest and most inclusive sports team, and not least Norway’s best university.

My six years as a student have given me valuable experiences of being a student, both on and off campus. In addition to running a student pub, I have also previously sat on the student association board, and have in the last year been Sports Editor in Under Dusken. Among previous student trust services, I would especially like to highlight my position as a student representative in the Administration Committee for the 5-year teacher education programme. Through this position, I have gained experience of what it is like to work with major studentrelated issues over time, but also management experience through organizing and leading The Student council for the teacher programme. As a student I have experienced the semesters where the work is easy, but also the challenging semesters where it feels like everything is stacked against you. My different experience as a student from different sets of voluntary work, studies, universities and life situations gives me a wide range of experiences that I want to bring with me into my candidacy and hopefully as member of the NTNU board.

The issue I want to work with the most if elected is proactive work for students’ mental health. Students’ mental health was a growing problem long before the pandemic, and I believe that we students can be utilized to a much greater extent to contribute to the fight for our mental health. We students achieve so much when we first get the opportunity. During the pandemic, we have seen Trondheim students who have created fantastic student initiatives, who all work actively to improve our everyday lives. The student’s sustainability goals, In my experience, and Drivhuset are all examples of what we achieve when we are allocated funds to create good initiatives. As a student, I believe that NTNU can do more to make it easier for students to continue to create such measures, and I will work actively with this if I am elected to the board.

Happy election!
Students in the board

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