Candidate for the student parliament

Sander Finsnes Hansen

Age: 23 years old
Campus: Ålesund
Study programme: Business Administration
Experience, committed and strong work ethic


Priority cause: a freer everyday life and better help for students
I am ready for another year in the Studenttinget

I want to help students make their everyday lives better, the ways I want to do this with, for example, removing compulsory teaching so that students can have more flexibility in independent studies and part-time work.

I also want to make it tempting for students to become student assistants, the ways I want to implement this is, for example, to have competitive salaries so that students get a salary that is worth studying for!

For the exams, I want a change that ensures that what comes in the exam is the same syllabus for everyone. Many people I have spoken to and experienced myself have experienced tasks or the situation where carpooling has affected the exams and given those in Trondheim advantages. I will investigate and change this

I bring almost 10 years of organizational experience to the position, a strong work ethic and a strong commitment, so if you agree with the changes for NTNU Ålesund, I hope you will vote for me
Students in the Parliament

Whom shall receive my vote?

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