Candidate for the STUDENT PARLIAMENT:

Sander Hansen

Age: 22 years old
Campus: Ålesund
Study programme: Business Administration, 3rd year

Candidate text:

My name is Sander and I am passionate about students having a simpler life as a student. My motivation for running has been my own experiences with poor communication between lecturers and students and many work demands that make it difficult to share the work with the other subjects and make everyday life more stressful. I want to work for better communication, better reading rooms and a less stress-free everyday life. I will also in the long run work towards less courses through other campuses and more on your local campus, and work for more freedom in what courses you want so you can specialize in the subjects and direction you like best! Many students have also been affected by the years of corona and may feel left out. I want to work to fight isolation and exclusion and continue the work to make NTNU a better and more inclusive environment!

If you think you benefit from more freedom to choose courses, better reading rooms and a simpler and more inclusive time as a stundet, then you must vote for me!
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