Candidate for the NTNU board:

Sindre Vie Jørgensen

Age: 23 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Bachelor in physics
Plans to accept the fulltime job: Ja
I am engaged, have experience from student politics and working with more difficult issues do not scare me


Priority cause: Psychosocial- health and work environment
My name is Sindre, i’m 23, and i finished my bachelors in physics the christmas in 2021. At the moment i am studying for a masters in physics and mathematics.

During 2021 i was a student faculty representative, where i gained insight to the bureaucracy of NTNU. I felt that the faculty representative position was really rewarding, and i therefore i run as a candidate for the NTNU board’s male studentrepresentative. A position where i would do my utmost to cooperate with Studenttinget so we can protect student interests and make sure that student opinions always will be heard.

After several years of Covid-19 it looks like we will get our first “normal” semester after what feels like an eternity. But even though covid might be over i feel like the pandemic has shown several points where NTNU could improve. If i get elected one of the things i want to work towards won’t be “getting back to normal” but rather to make post-covid NTNU into a place that’s better than before.

Psychosocial health and working environment is one the areas i want to focus on improving. Several students and young people are having a hard time, especially post-covid and therefore ones education should be something that helps the psyche. Opportunities for permanent work and socialization spaces on campus are critical for stability in everyday study for many. Which are aspects that have gotten worse in recent years and I want to fix that.

Communication and visibility from central NTNU management is also something I wish to improve. Several times during the pandemic important announcements or messages have come at the last minute or at impractical times of the day. The normal student have at times had to go days or even weeks without critical insight to the NTNU board’s attitude and decisions. Which in most cases severely affected the students daily life. This is something that should be improved.

So if you want a better NTNU, I hope that you vote for me!
Students in the board

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