Candidate for the STUDENT PARLIAMENT:

Theo Nørving Viken

Age: 21 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature, 1st year

Candidate text:

My name is Theo Viken and I want to represent you! I am committed to student’s rights, and want to make everyday life better for the student. Among other things, I will fight for a fairer sharing of resources for line associations. I want to fight for improved bus services to campuses in the rush hours we have. I also want to bring about collaboration between several lines. I also want to set up an initiative for greater use of stands from line associations, interest organizations, etc.

I also want to fight for more printer money per student. My goal is to make something with the little things in everyday life easier, to make your day better with it. because much that is small can turn into something big. so if you have any small issues just talk to me about them, i would love to hear. I also care about the big issues. I want to fight for climate on campus. bring in plastic trash cans on campus, because the plastic is just thrown away in the wrong place otherwise. Climate is not just plastic it is also air and temperature. it is cold during the winter and I know that at least I do not want to freeze at university.

I’m a big fan of international students, considering I’ve been one myself once. so I think we should make things easier for them. it can be simple things like hanging up several messages in English, such as signing up for experiments and the like.

I want to make your life at NTNU better and easier.

so if you want to ask me more about this then just get in touch :)
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