Candidate for the NTNU-board:

Torjus Levisen Johansen

Age: 21 years old
Studieby: Ålesund
Study programme: Bachelor i nautikk
Ett samlet og forbedret NTNU med fokus på studentene

Candidate text:

Hi, I´m Torjus and I am currently studying for a bsc. In nautical science, and now I´m asking for your trust in the coming election to become your voice in NTNU! I want this position because I know I am going to do a good job. I wish to work for students’ rights and expectations from NTNU. My best qualities are that I am purposeful, sociable and hard working. I really enjoy working in positions of trust. I have had a few couple of positions over the last couple of years. Now I feel that being a board member is the next, right step for me. I do not like to define one case I would work for, I am a student representative, therefore my dearest cases will be whatever the students want or need. If I am going to focus on one case it would be that NTNU should work for, and improve, the good student environment and student’s mental health. It is important to remember that NTNUs good brand and name isn’t just it’s publications. A big part of NTNUs good brand and name comes from the good student environment. We´ll have to work so that our students get the student environment and quality they expect and deserve. We´ll also have to ensure that an NTNU-degree, and the quality it promises, is an NTNU-degree no matter if the degree is taken on Gløs, Dragvoll, Ankeret, Gneisbygget or one of NTNUs other campuses. You are an NTNU-student, and the campus you belong should not affect your degrees quality. As a student representative at one of NTNUs departments I know that Ålesund and Gjøvik sometimes struggle to fight their case in their councils. If I get elected for this position, I would like to travel to Ålesund and Gjøvik to meet the student representatives myself. In this way they will be able to bring up cases they want to work with, so that I can bring the cases further up. In this way, Gjøvik and Ålesund will feel even closer to NTNU as an institution. You should vote for me if you believe that the students should be the centrum of NTNU, if you think that NTNU should work directly for student’s mental health and if you want “Ett NTNU” to be improved, not only between our cities but also in Trondheim. You should vote for me If you’d like a representative with broad experience from trusted work. You should also vote for me if you´d like a representative who knows and have good contact with the students since I´m also a representative in The Student parliament NTNU, The Student council – IV and the Student parliament of Ålesund. I would like to work from Ålesund if I´m elected. I will travel to Trondheim when there is a need for it. I will also come to Trondheim well in advance of the board meetings so that I get to talk with the majority of the students. If it proves to be a challenge to work from Ålesund, I will be ready to move to Trondheim during my time in this position. I look forward to shaping tomorrow’s prestige university, and to be the voice of nearly 42000 students! This is a job I will gladly and humbly take on I gain your trust and win the election.
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