Candidate for the STUDENT PARLIAMENT:

Torjus Levisen Johansen

Age: 21 years old
Campus: Ålesund
Study programme: Bachelor´s degree in Nautical Studies , 2nd year

Candidate text:

I am up for re-elect in the Student parliament of NTNU. This past year flew past me, and I do not feel like I have done enough to be able to stop now. Therefore, I would love to get re-elected for the Student parliament. I have realized through this past year that student politics is my field. I really enjoy being the voice of our students, it also gives me a lot of energy, and I hope I can do this for one more year!

I hold other elected positions besides the Student parliament of NTNU. I am a student representative at the Department of Ocean operations and Engineering, personal stand-in for the NTNU-board and I am a part of the presidum of The National Union for Students in Norway. This union represents a quarter of a million students!

I do not have a specific matter I burn for. I am dynamic, and care for the cases that my fellow students care about. If I were to determine one matter, it would be that campus Ålesund needs one more campus building. Students in Ålesund feels the lack of space every day. A new building would give us student workspaces, offices for the student organizations that does not get one in Sundebygget and a new campus building would give our departments the offices they need. I believe that a new campus building is essential for the development of campus Ålesund.

I will continue to fight Ålesunds cause and ask critical questions in the debate if you give me your trust to represent Ålesund in the Student parliament of NTNU. Students in Ålesund is just as much NTNU students as the ones in Gjøvik and Trondheim.

Good luck in the election.
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