Candidate for the student parliament

Usman Hussain

Age: 22 years old
Campus: Trondheim
Study programme: Bachelor in Political Science
Self-motivated, analytical, responsible


Priority cause: Better and more accessible, low-threshold mental health services aimed at students – on and off campus.
I am running for candidacy in the Student Election fall 2022 with a desire to make a difference for all students. My goal is to make the student life as pleasant as possible. Below I´ve included a small presentation about me, my motivation and more about my passionate cause/”the case close to my heart”!

Experience wise I have leadership background from the municipality and district politics in Oslo, both within a political party and youth party, as well as being a member of the Council for Multicultural Minorities in Oslo municipality. I have also been a member for of the Institute Council for social studies at Oslo Metropolitan University. In other words, I have a lot I want to do for NTNU.

I operate with a philosophy that nothing comes from itself. One have to work for it in order to achieve something. The nice society here at NTNU didn´t appear itself. It is a result of hard work done by a lot of different people through time. The student politics is where I believe one have to start in order to build an innovative University for the future.

My passionate cause is based on the psychological wellbeing of the students, and the options one has through the municipality, the university or SiT. The university is for many students the place they are most connected to outside the home. Therefore, it is alpha and omega that there exists sturdy, low threshold systems that can welcome you, and help with psychological challenges one might have. And this especially applies to the aftermath of the pandemic. As an institution, we also have to work towards breaking the taboos in regards to psychological health. I think it´s important to remember that everyone has a psychological health – both men and women, and that is why it´s extra important to bring the subject of psychological health and unwellness on the agenda.

In other words, I would like to work towards that all students here at NTNU should be seen and heard, whether it is in good or bad periods, there should be someone accessible to help and guide you. By doing this, I believe that the complete study course would be more pleasant and manageable. After all, we are humans – not robots.
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