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What is the Student Democracy at NTNU?

All levels of administration at NTNU, from the regular reference group to the faculty boards and up to the Board of Directors itself, has student representatives. Norwegian law stipulates that students at universities and colleges be heard on all issues that affect them, and be represented in all organs that make decisions on these issues.

These student representatives, collectively, make up the student democracy. Each department, faculty and study programme has its own representatives (a.k.a. «trustees»), elected by the students. Each faculty has its own Student Council consisting of department and faculty representatives, working to safeguard students’ interests and rights.

Above these, however, is Studenttinget – the Student Parliament at NTNU. Studenttinget consists of 25 elected representatives from all of NTNU, and decides the 42 000 students’ official stance on all issues relating to the university. Studenttinget elects an executive Committee, consisting of six members who together work to futrher the students’ politics. These six each have their own areas of focus. The executive Committee works full-time, granted leave of absence from their studies, and is bound by Studenttinget’s policies.

All students have the right to vote in elections for student representatives, and to run for a representative position. There are elections each semester. In the fall semester, next year’s Studentting is elected. In the spring semester, student representatives for the Board of Directors is elected, as well as the Welfare Council. Representatives on department and faculty level (Student Council members) are elected each semester.

The fall elections 2019 are held November 4th – 10th

YOU decide who represents you as a student in all of these arenas. Every autumn 25 representatives are elected who sit in the Student Parliament. All students at NTNU can run for election and everyone has the right to vote. Including English speakers! However, the working language of the NTNU student democracy is Norwegian. A working level proficiency in Norwegian is therefore required, as all documents and meetings are in Norwegian.

If you want to become representative in Studenttinget, contact or come to 2nd floor Gamle Fysikk, at Studenttingets office for a chat.